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Kitchen Renovation& Extention


Welcome to CJX Construction Ltd, London's leading building solutions provider with a rich legacy of over 20 years of experience. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and unparalleled service to our esteemed customers. Specializing in new builds, home renovations, extensions, and conversions, and bespoke kitchen and bathroom remodelling, we strive to transform your vision into reality.

At CJX Construction Ltd, we understand that every project is unique, and that's why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to paying meticulous attention to detail, ensuring flawless execution from start to finish. We believe in using the highest quality materials, combined with our expertise and advanced techniques, to create spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also built to stand the test of time.

With a customer-centric approach, we prioritize open communication and collaboration, working closely with you to understand your needs and desires. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and create an environment that reflects your style and enhances your lifestyle.

Choose CJX Construction Ltd for an unforgettable building experience. Join our long list of satisfied customers who have entrusted us with their dreams. Let us bring your vision to life, delivering exceptional results that leave a lasting impression. Discover the difference that 20 years of industry expertise and unwavering commitment can make in your next project.

Construction Workers at Site

Our Team.

At CJX Construction, we are proud to have an exceptional team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about turning your construction dreams into reality. With years of industry experience and a shared commitment to excellence, our team is equipped with the skills and expertise to handle projects of any scale and complexity.Led by our visionary leaders, our team comprises architects, engineers, project managers, and skilled craftsmen who bring creativity, precision, and attention to detail to every project. Their collaborative approach ensures seamless coordination and efficient project execution, while their unwavering dedication guarantees that no challenge is too great to overcome.Our team members are not only experts in their respective fields but also exceptional communicators, committed to understanding your unique vision and transforming it into a tangible masterpiece. Their unwavering focus on client satisfaction means that we prioritize your needs and preferences at every step of the construction process.We take pride in fostering a positive and inclusive work environment, where teamwork and mutual respect flourish. Our team's unwavering commitment to safety, quality craftsmanship, and timely delivery sets us apart in the industry.When you choose L&A Construction, you can trust that you are partnering with a team that is passionate about delivering excellence in every aspect of your construction project. Let us bring our expertise, creativity, and unwavering commitment to your next project. Together, we will build the foundation for your success.

Expertise and Experience

CJX Constructions Service brings a wealth of expertise and experience to your  project. Our team of professionals, including architects, engineers, project managers, and skilled craftsmen, possess the necessary knowledge and skills to handle various aspects of the project. Our experience allows us to tackle challenges efficiently, provide innovative solutions, and deliver high-quality results.

Efficient Project Management

Each project has its own complexity and involves multiple tasks, such as planning, procurement, scheduling, and coordination. CJX will take care of all these aspects, ensuring smooth project management from start to finish. We will handle all aspects of the project efficiently by saving you time, effort, and potential headaches.

Access to Resources and Network

CJX has established networks and relationships with a large number of suppliers, subcontractors, and other professionals in the industry. we have access to a wide range of resources, including high-quality materials, reliable subcontractors, and advanced construction equipment. This allows us to source the best materials at competitive prices, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and top-notch results for your  project.

Quality Assurance and Warranty:

CJX provides you with the assurance of quality workmanship. As a Reputable construction company, we are proud of our craftsmanship and strive to deliver excellent results. We adhere to industry standards, building codes, and regulations, ensuring that your project meets or exceeds expectations. Additionally, CJX provides warranties on their work, giving you peace of mind knowing that any potential issues will be addressed.

Why Choose Us

Satisfied Customers


I am extremely satisfied with the home renovation project completed by Larry(CJX). Their service was exceptional, and the quality of their workmanship exceeded my expectations. From the start, they displayed professionalism, attentiveness to my needs, and a commitment to understanding my vision. The craftsmanship exhibited by their skilled team was remarkable, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every aspect of the project. Communication was excellent throughout, keeping me informed and ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. I highly recommend them for their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and exceptional job quality.


I am thrilled to share my outstanding experience working with CJX for a recent kitchen extension project. Not only did they deliver exceptional results, but their unwavering commitment to the project and their impeccable timekeeping truly impressed me. From the initial planning stages to the final execution, they demonstrated their dedication to completing the kitchen extension within the agreed-upon time frame. Their punctuality and efficiency ensured that the project progressed smoothly, minimising any disruptions to my daily life. Throughout the process, they always keep me informed of the progress and addressing any concerns promptly. The quality of their workmanship in the kitchen extension was outstanding, I am beyond pleased with the final outcome and would highly recommend CJX to anyone in need of a reliable and dedicated team for their kitchen extension project.


I am delighted to share my exceptional experience working with Larry for a loft conversion and bathroom remodelling project. Their dedication to ensuring my utmost satisfaction in terms of job quality and professionalism truly impressed me. From the beginning, it was evident that he goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding results. Their attention to detail and commitment  was evident in every aspect of the project. The loft conversion was expertly executed, maximising the available space and transforming it into a functional and stylish area. The bathroom remodelling was equally remarkable, with careful consideration given to design, fixtures, and finishes. Throughout the project, the team demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, ensuring a smooth and organised process. They adhered to timelines, communicated effectively. The end result exceeded my expectations, I strongly recommend Larry and his team which is CJX for their exceptional job quality, attention to detail, and professionalism in both loft conversions and bathroom remodelling projects.

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